Workshop on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells and Modules: Materials and Processes

If you are a professional working in R&D or commercial production of solar cells and modules, you are invited to participate in the Workshop.


About the Workshop:

The Silicon Workshop promotes an informal exchange of technical and scientific information between international researchers in the photovoltaic and relevant non-photovoltaic fields.

  • Oral presentations by invited speakers
  • Open discussion following each oral session
  • Poster sessions, which present the latest research results

Ample opportunities exist for technical discussions in each session and with the authors during the poster presentations. This interaction offers an excellent opportunity for researchers in private industry and universities to prioritize mutual needs for future collaborative research.

The younger generation of scientists and engineers in the photovoltaic area is encouraged to participate. We offer PV Graduate Students a substantially reduced registration fee to promote their participation.

Program Chairs:

Bhushan Sopori and Ron Sinton

Program Committee:

T. Buonassisi, S. Gluntz, P. Hacke, G. Hahn, S. Kurtz,

D. Macdonald, P. Stradins, M. Tajima, and H. ZHang

Visa Letter of Invitation:

Please contact Margaret prior to 30 June if a Letter of Invitation from the workshop is needed. Provide the following information:

  • Name on passport
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport place of issue
  • Passport expiration date
  • Passport number
  • Physical mailing address



Check back soon for registration information


 Professional  $TBD $TBD  $TBD
 PV Grad Student $TBD $TBD  $TBD
 Guest $TBD $TBD  $TBD


Did a guest accompany you to the workshop? Registered companions will be issued a workshop badge, which will serve as a ticket to breakfast Sunday through Wednesday, lunch Sunday through Tuesday, both poster sessions, and dinner Sunday evening.

Check Payments:

Your envelope must be post-marked on/before 22 June to receive the discounted registration price. Make your check payable to “Crystalline Silicon Workshop” and mail to:

Crystalline Silicon Workshop
c/o Sinton Instruments
4720 Walnut St., Suite 102
Boulder, CO 80301

Checks and credit cards are accepted.


Cancellations requiring a refund must be made in writing before 31 July. No refunds will be granted after this date. Email your cancellation request to Margaret.

Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: Thursday, 26 July 2018

Due to the informal nature of the workshop, you are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to include unfinished experiments, difficult problems, and speculations.

Submitted papers will be bound and distributed at the workshop to attendees only, preventing conflict with future professional publication.

Invited Speakers:

  • An abstract or paper related to your speaking topic
  • Limited to TOTAL of eight (8) pages
  • Include references
  • NO page numbers

Poster Presenters:

This is the main mechanism for presentation of recent research results. Our two poster sessions provide an opportunity for one-on-one discussions with authors. We are soliciting poster papers which present the latest research results and novel breakthroughs in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells & Modules: Materials and Processes.
Submit an Abstract or paper for review. You will be notified on your acceptance and assigned presentation session. Bring your poster to the workshop.

  • Limited to TOTAL of five (5) pages
  • Include references
  • NO page numbers

Poster Guidelines:

  • Maximum size of poster is 42”x42” (106cm)
  • Identify your poster near the top left with the title and author’s name(s) and affiliations
  • Use only essential data to emphasize major conclusions of research. Interested audience will seek further discussion of details with the author.
  • Matte finish on photos gives better visibility


For questions concerning the program please contact:

Ron Sinton

Bhushan L. Sopori

For registration and general questions please contact:

Margaret Sparks