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Confirmed Speakers:

Raghavi Bhoopathy (UNSW) “Outdoor photoluminescence imaging of PV modules with sunlight excitation”
Carl Osterwald (NREL) “State-of-the-art for absolute calibration of Silicon reference modules”
Cliff Hansen (Sandia) “Field Performance of Bifacial PV Modules and Systems”
Dirk Jordan (NREL) “Degradation in Silicon Heterojunction Modules”
Seira Yamaguchi (JAIST) “Potential-induced degradation of n-type crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules”.
Rolf Brendel (ISFH) “Trade-offs between series resistance and high voltage in advanced contact schemes”
Takefumi KAMIOKA, Ph.D. (Toyota Technological Institute) “Towards high efficient heterojunction cells: characterization of band structures and carrier transports in heterojunction cells: characterization of band structures and carrier transports in carrier-selective contacts.”
Steve Goodnick (ASU) “Multi-scale Modeling of Transport in Heterojunction Solar Cells”.
Christophe Allebe (EPFL) “Passivated base-passivating contact developments”
Brian Laughlin (Dupont) “Advances in metal pastes enabling continued efficiency increases in recent years”
Vinod Chandrasekaran (HERAEUS) “Issues in industrial use of screen print pastes for high-efficiency cell designs”
Ilker Sen (Schmid) “APCVD glasses and laser doping”
Michael McGehee (University of Colorado, Boulder) “Progress in Perovskites and Perovskite Si Tandem Cells”.
Zachary Holman (ASU) “Opportunities and challenges for market entry of silicon-based tandem solar cells”
Atsushi Masuda (AIST) “Recent understanding and perspective for degradation of p-type crystalline Si solar cells under high-voltage stress”.
Axel Herguth (Konstanz) “Update on degradation and regeneration mechanisms due to B:O”
Brett Hallam (UNSW) ” Hydrogenation as a tool in silicon solar cells”
Kelvin Sio (ANU) “The impact of various recombination sources (GBs, dislocations, intra-grain regions) in HP mc-Si solar cells”
Tim Niewelt (ISE) “Limiting effects in crystalline silicon for high-efficiency solar cells – Results of the German research clusters SolarLIFE and LIMES”
Rhett Evans (UNSW) “Data mining big data sets”
Michael Woodhouse (NREL) “Economic Factors of Production Affecting Current and Future Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Costs and Sustainable Pricing”

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