Call for Papers

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2023

Due to the informal nature of the workshop, you are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to include unfinished experiments, difficult problems, and speculations.

Submitted papers will be bound and distributed at the workshop to attendees only, preventing conflict with future professional publication.

Please send all papers to

Invited Speakers:

  • An abstract or paper related to your speaking topic
  • Limited to TOTAL of eight (8) pages
  • Include references
  • NO page numbers

Poster Presenters:

This is the main mechanism for presentation of recent research results. Our two poster sessions provide an opportunity for one-on-one discussions with authors. We are soliciting poster papers which present the latest research results and novel breakthroughs in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells & Modules: Materials and Processes.
Submit an Abstract or paper for review. You will be notified on your acceptance and assigned presentation session. Bring your poster to the workshop.

  • Limited to TOTAL of five (5) pages
  • Include references
  • NO page numbers

Poster Guidelines:

  • Maximum size of poster is 42”x42” (106cm)
  • Identify your poster near the top left with the title and author’s name(s) and affiliations
  • Use only essential data to emphasize major conclusions of research. Interested audience will seek further discussion of details with the author.
  • Matte finish on photos gives better visibility